"New Reality" Exhibitions:

1958 - "New Reality" Exhibition: Park “Kulturi Gor’kogo”, Moscow.

1962 - "New Reality" Exhibition: Manezh, Moscow.

*Read an article by Nina Moleva PhD. (member of Moscow "Dumma") about Nonconformism, mentioning Arkady Remennik: http://www.pseudology.org/razbory/Manezh_vystavka_1962.htm (in Russian)

1990 - "New Reality" Exhibition: Manezh, Moscow.

The Belutin Studio had finally received recognition during “Perestroika”. In 1990, at the “Manezh” in Moscow, an exhibition was held for the Belutin Studio artists and their works. This exhibition enjoyed great success and recognition. Arkady took part in that event, and two of his works have been purchase by the Artist Union of the USSR.

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Below is a catalogue cover for the 1990 New Reality exhibitions including a page where Arkardy (Abram Isakovich) Remenhik is listed:

Graduated from university
Belutin Studio (30m wallpaper roll)
"New Reality" exhibitions
Member of the Artists Union of the USSR
1000 illustrated books
Patent (Paper Engraving)
Developing new art dirrections