Arkady Remennik graduated from the Moscow Institute of Polygraphy, Faculty of Graphic Design. Became a member of the Soviet Union League of Artists in 1972. Learned from well-known masters such as Favorsky and Goncharov. Arkady Remennik is an active member of the Belutin Studio, “Novaya Realnost'” (“New reality”) since the 50's, where he created Nonconformist art. Participated in the Belutin Studio's “Novaya Realnost'” exhibition in Manezh' 1962 & 1990. Illustrated more than 1000 books for the largest printing houses of Moscow. He also invented and patented the Paper Engraving technique.

Most recently, a finalist of the International Jewish Artists of the Year Awards Competition. Exhibited at Christie’s, London, England.

Arkady Remennik
More than 60 years of art


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